3 Liabilities Teachers Face in Today’s Modern Education System


Teachers provide a wealth of knowledge to their students. However, many teachers face risks in the modern world. Professional indemnity insurance for teachers helps protect them from these common liabilities.

Civil Rights

Civil rights issues have become a hot topic in recent years. Students may accuse a teacher of violating their rights. The parents may then sue the educator or the school for violating their child’s rights. A simple allegation can turn into a public relations nightmare.

Physical Injuries

When the teacher is supervising students, the liability of physical injuries falls squarely on their shoulders. Even if the student caused the injury due to not following safety protocols, they may blame the educator for negligence. This can then turn into a lawsuit against the educator.

Abuse Allegations

The experts at www.caitlin-morgan.com state that insurance can cover abuse allegations such as physical or sexual. The process of a lawsuit can drag on and take an emotional and financial toll on cash-strapped teachers. Indemnity insurance often helps cover those financial costs such as hiring a defense attorney.

There are many other reasons an educator may want professional indemnity insurance for teachers. The complexity of the educational system adds increased pressure on educators. Insurance can help take some of that added pressure off your shoulders.

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