3 Quick Tips for Choosing the Right Non-Owned Auto Insurance


Traditional business insurance has certain gaps that leave companies exposed in some areas. Non owned auto insurance is a great option for companies with employees that utilize non-company vehicles to perform business tasks. When selecting the proper plan for your company, here are three tips that you can apply.

  1. Get Understanding – It is important that you fully understand what the policy offers. Being that this type of insurance is meant to protect the business not the employee, there are strict stipulations in place. Though they may vary a little between providers, the main concepts stay the same so be sure that you are fully knowledgeable of what should be offered.
  2. Shop Around – In efforts to stand out amongst their competition, different insurers offer different rates and some additional benefits with their policies. As such, it could greatly benefit you to shop around to discover the policy that best suits your needs.
  3. Read the Fine Print – It is imperative to not only know what benefits are offered, but also the scope of the benefits, or to what extent the benefits are covered. For this reason it is crucial that you read and understand the ins and outs of the policies you are considering.

There are a number of insurance options available. By keeping these quick tips in mind you can have a solid foundation for selecting a quality non owned auto insurance policy that is right for your company.

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