3 SEO Search Strategies To Try


Insurance agencies are similar to many modern industries in the fact that a significant amount of business can come from online avenues. As such, understanding search engine optimization should be a priority for any insurers who want to connect with the widest potential audience. These three SEO strategies for 2022 are great starting points to improve agency search engine results. 

Did you know that a quarter of internet users between ages 16 and 64 use voice technology on a regular basis? With this in mind, it can definitely be worth optimizing your website and online content to accommodate this type of search. 

Another widely popular online search tool is the use of image recognition software. With services such as Pinterest Lens and Google Lens offering worldwide image search capabilities, more than half of all internet users between 16 and 64 in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia use search technology. 

Given the widespread use of multiple social media platforms, searching for content through these mediums is another common tactic for potential clients. As such, you should consider optimizing your content for social media searches, too. Often, you can reach completely new audiences by doing this. 
By staying on top of popular SEO search trends like these, insurance agencies can connect with the widest audience possible while growing as a firm.

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