3 Types of Insurance That Every Restaurant Needs


So, you’re opening up your own restaurant. Congratulations! You’ve picked your theme, ordered your tables and chairs and gotten started on your menu. Everything seems to be falling right into place, except for the one thing that everyone seems to forget. Restaurant insurance programs. It’s not something that is readily thought about when starting a new business, but this small piece to the puzzle is one that is crucial to its success.

Here are 3 types of insurance that you need as a restaurant owner:

  1. General Liability: In this sue-happy time, having a general liability policy is a must. This is the insurance type that protects you against a potential lawsuit from an injured patron and helps to cover the legal fees if one ensues.
  2. Products & Completed Operations: When you own an eating establishment, you run the risk of someone having a reaction to something that they consumed at your restaurant. With this policy, you are protected from food-based or other completed operations claims.
  3. Liquor Liability: If your institution sells alcohol to your customers, having a liquor liability policy is a necessity. Oftentimes when an alcohol-related event occurs, even after leaving your restaurant, law enforcement will trace it back to you. If you have liquor liability insurance, you can be protected from possible claims and threats to your business.

With any new business venture, it’s important to look into all aspects of insurance, especially in the restaurant world. Get a quote from your local insurance company and find out more about how restaurant insurance programs can protect you and your business today.

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