3 Valuable Benefits of an Errors And Omissions Policy


EO insurance in New York can be critical to your company’s success. Mistakes have a cost that must be paid even when you don’t believe that you are at fault. When you are facing a potentially ruinous lawsuit, a policy will typically provide you with three main benefits.

Quality Legal Representation

You can always represent yourself in court, but the business of practicing law should be left to the experts. Working with an insurance company that is knowledgeable about your field has the added advantage of providing you with prequalified legal representation. The lawyers your insurance company networks with are often highly qualified and experienced with your types of cases.

Investigation Services

The discovery process of a difficult case can also be costly. There may be important facts that will make the difference between a court victory and a defeat, but dragging the information out into the open is not always easy. Errors and omissions insurance often provides a budget for investigative costs. This can include depositions and lab tests that are needed to secure the important details.

Cost of Judgments

Even if you end up losing your trial, your policy will still protect you financially. Most plans include payment protection against an unfavorable ruling. This allows you to get back to work restoring your company’s reputation without the additional burden of bad debt.

Make certain your business insurance includes protection for all of your liabilities. EO insurance in New York can be purchased from experts that know the region and are familiar with your industry.

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