5 Facts to Know About Your Insurance Policy

Tri-State Insurance

When selecting your Tri-State insurance policy you should be fully aware of what the policy does and does not include, as well as how these things will affect you. In such endeavors, it is important to keep 5 facts in mind.

  1. Different Policies Have Their Own Guidelines

    Even when you are getting different policies from the same company, each one can still have its own set of procedures, protocols and requirements. Become familiar with the ends and outs of each policy.


  1. It is Important to Keep Your Information Current/Accurate

    Having the wrong information on file can lead to undesirable outcomes and can even raise your premium. Make sure that you double check your details when you submit them and keep your policy updated with any changes.


  1. All of Your Policies Should Work Together

    Make sure that you understand what each of your policies cover, so that you are not under- or over-insured.


  1. Understanding Claim Procedures is Critical to Proper Filing

    Not following proper protocol when you file a claim can lead to you not receiving the assistance you seek. Contact Tri-State insurance to help you through the process, if needed.


  1. You May Be Eligible for Discounts

    Your occupation, associations and credit score might qualify you for a discount. Contact your agent to see if you qualify.



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