Analyze Workers Compensation Incidents to Create a Safe Work Environment

Arroyo Insurance Services

Effective incident analysis for worker’s compensation claims can help businesses mitigate their risks. By finding the cause of the injury, employers can address the working conditions to help reduce the number of injuries and claims made. There are a few steps every company should take to help keep their employees safe.

Incident Cause

The insurance firm Arroyo Insurance Services states to start the incident analysis by finding the cause of the incident. Companies should look at the work area from a variety of angles to determine the cause of the injury. This means looking at the safety procedures in place and available tools to see whether or not they were followed or used by the employee.

Work Environment

A clean, decluttered area is safer than a messy one. Look to see how well lit the area is, the temperature and the presence of anything toxic. Then evaluate the working conditions to see where improvements can be made to create a safer work environment.

Management Responsibility

A safe work environment starts with management and makes its way down to employees. The legal responsibility rests on management’s shoulders. Make sure managers know the safety protocols and properly train their employees.

Implementing an effective incident analysis for worker’s compensation claims can help your business have a safer workplace. Use the information to help address any areas of safety that may be lacking or could use improvements to help keep employees safe.

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