Astrology for women- Discover your inner Goddess

Astrology for women- Discover your inner Goddess

Astrology is an abstract field of science which believes that there is a profound relationship between astronomical phenomena and human life. In the western world, astrology comprises of a set of horoscopes which claim to explain aspects of a person’s personality, behaviour as well as future events in their life by the position of the planets and the Sun and Moon at the time of birth. Indians and the Chinese have devised their own ways of predicting and deciphering the occult. Indians believe in a system that calculates their exact date, time and longitudes at the time of birth while the Chinese have their yearly horoscopes which are associated with a certain animal.

Astrology is a realm that has more women believers than men. Women are more intuitive by nature and are more inclined to gravitate towards the unexplained and the mysterious.  The women of today face a myriad range of challenges and feel the need to discover themselves in the context of their life experiences. Women play a number of roles and have experiences that enhance as well as distort the inner peace that they seek. Astrology for women helps to understand the true essence of the nature of womanhood and supports all women in their endeavours and struggles to truly become complete individuals.

Astrology for women provides insights that help you connect with who you are and what it is that you truly seek to attain fulfilment. Astrology for women helps women to understand how they appear to others, how they relate to physical and masculine energies, how to develop their mind and intuition and how to deal with power issues in careers and relationships.

Astrology for women is an in-depth analysis of the woman you are and the woman you are meant to be. A guide to help you open your heart and mind, become empowered and embrace your divine self.

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