Getting Hooked By Astrology

I have never been interested in astrology at all mater of fact the majority of the time when I am reading the morning paper or a magazine and I come across the horoscope section I never even glance at it I just move right along. I had no interest in it at all. My wife on the other hand was the opposite she loved this stuff and would read all the signs not just her own. Worst of all in the mornings she would insist on reading mine out loud to me while we were having breakfast.

She did it because she knew it drove me crazy. Then one day while she was informing me of how my life was going to be. One thing caught me of guard “you will be rewarded for your hard work” I had been putting in a few extra hours at work to get this royal pain in the butt project done, but I never really gave any thought to the job.

However that stuck in my head on my drive to work “you will be rewarded for your hard work” I started to smile to my self thinking “wow maybe I am going to get a nice big raise or a nice bonus” and just like that astrology had gotten its hooks in to me. I sought out my boss early in the morning and I shot him a hey good morning. He told me I did a great job and would pop into my office later in the day.

Of course the rest of the day was torture and then just after lunch there was a knock on my office door and it was him with a big smile. He thanked me for my extra hard work and then it happened my horoscope came true I was rewarded for all my hard work. I was rewarded with two coupons for the local cinema.

I guess it did kind of come true, but my visions of a nice six figure salary or a bonus of a new car were a little optimistic.