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Proper Insurance for Personal Watercraft

Personal Watercraft

Does your business deal in renting out personal watercraft? If so, then you definitely need to take time to think about your current insurance plan. There are many specific risks associated with the field of PWC rental. In order for …Continue reading →

Managing Small Business Risks

Business Risks

Small businesses face many of the same risks as larger companies. Corporations, however, can afford to employ a staff of legal experts to guide them through the different types of litigation to which they may be susceptible. The small business …Continue reading →

Nightclubs and Sexual Assault Prevention

Sexual Assault Prevention

How safe are you at a nightclub? Recent research shows that incidents of sexual abuse and assault are on the rise in clubs. What is intended as an entertaining night out enjoying social interactions can lead to harassment and assault …Continue reading →

E&O Coverage To Suit the Media Industry

E&O Coverage

Errors and omissions coverage is one of the most common forms of business insurance. It’s carried by almost as wide a range of businesses as general liability insurance, because like general liability coverage it takes care of basic avenues of …Continue reading →

Tail Policy: Coverage on the Back End

Tail Policy

Insurance companies show buyers a myriad of coverage options to make sure that they meet each client’s specific needs. This includes offering coverage for times when people don’t think it is needed anymore. Additional coverage is always beneficial, but exactly …Continue reading →

Risk Management Planning for Social Services

Risk Management Planning

Whether your organization is for-profit or nonprofit, social services is a field that has unique risks and needs. Your profit model or lack thereof can further complicate your needs when it comes to insurance, and that’s why it’s vital that …Continue reading →

Reducing Food Spoilage in Supermarkets

Food Spoilage

Food spoilage can detract from a supermarket’s profitability and create a lot of unnecessary waste. There are several operational strategies that you can implement to reduce your store’s food spoilage. Train Your Staff about Proper Restocking Smart shelving and facing …Continue reading →

Pollution Risk Management for Businesses

Pollution Risk Management

Businesses across a wide range of industries need to consider how to best mitigate their risk exposure relating to pollution. In addition to working in accordance with all applicable state and federal regulations pertaining to pollution, they need to be …Continue reading →

Getting the Right Coverage for Your Marine Manufacturing Operations

Marine Manufacturing Operations

As a manufacturer and provider of marine vessels and parts, your customers and partners count on you to deliver products that meet the highest standards in quality and performance. After all, end-users rely on carefully designed and constructed elements for …Continue reading →

The 5 Most Important Types of Boatyard Insurance

boatyard coverage

Just because a ship is docked in a harbor doesn’t mean that it’s completely safe. It’s important to be protected in case an accident does occur, making boatyard coverage absolutely essential. Any number of various accidents could occur in a …Continue reading →

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