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Risk Management Planning for Social Services

Risk Management Planning

Whether your organization is for-profit or nonprofit, social services is a field that has unique risks and needs. Your profit model or lack thereof can further complicate your needs when it comes to insurance, and that’s why it’s vital that …Continue reading →

Reducing Food Spoilage in Supermarkets

Food Spoilage

Food spoilage can detract from a supermarket’s profitability and create a lot of unnecessary waste. There are several operational strategies that you can implement to reduce your store’s food spoilage. Train Your Staff about Proper Restocking Smart shelving and facing …Continue reading →

Pollution Risk Management for Businesses

Pollution Risk Management

Businesses across a wide range of industries need to consider how to best mitigate their risk exposure relating to pollution. In addition to working in accordance with all applicable state and federal regulations pertaining to pollution, they need to be …Continue reading →

Getting the Right Coverage for Your Marine Manufacturing Operations

Marine Manufacturing Operations

As a manufacturer and provider of marine vessels and parts, your customers and partners count on you to deliver products that meet the highest standards in quality and performance. After all, end-users rely on carefully designed and constructed elements for …Continue reading →

The 5 Most Important Types of Boatyard Insurance

boatyard coverage

Just because a ship is docked in a harbor doesn’t mean that it’s completely safe. It’s important to be protected in case an accident does occur, making boatyard coverage absolutely essential. Any number of various accidents could occur in a …Continue reading →

Should Restaurants Compost Food Waste?

Food Waste

In the United States, restaurants are a big business, and they produce a significant amount of waste. Most of this comes in the form of food. Getting rid of organic material that cannot be used is a costly burden but …Continue reading →

Addressing the Problem of High Employee Turnover in Assisted Living Facilities

Staffing turnover in ALFs

The high turnover of employees in assisted living facilities can have a negative impact on both residents and other staff. Facilities such as nursing homes and long-term rehabilitation hospitals need to take active measures to mitigate the causes and effects …Continue reading →

Types of Fleet Insurance

Fleet Insurance

If your business relies on 18-wheelers, box vans, or other vehicles to operate smoothly, you must have fleet insurance. The right policy protects your business, your employees, and other people on the road should the unexpected happen. Basics of Insuring …Continue reading →

The Inherent Risks of the Distribution Industry

risks in distribution business

The distribution industry is a key cog in the wheel of the global economy. Distributors are responsible for the receipt, storage, sales and delivery of traded goods from around the world. Nearly every item sold in stores has passed through …Continue reading →

Why Accounting Firms Need Liability Coverage

Liability Coverage

Accounting firms handle important business. Whenever you are dealing with clients’ finances, you run the risk of being held liable for mistakes or fraud, and that can get expensive if you have to pay for everything out of pocket. No …Continue reading →

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