Basic Elements of Nursing Home Insurance


Before signing a contract with an agency, it is important to know the different elements of nursing home insurance coverage. For most insurance companies, this is considered a small, but valuable niche market. What does a typical policy include? Policies are often customized to a specific organization’s needs, but usually you will have a combination of professional liability and commercial general liability policies.

Professional Liability

In nursing homes, you will generally find a host of medical professionals who are in charge of overseeing the patients. Professional liability protects the organization should a doctor or nurse accidentally or purposefully harm a patient. This type of policy is also known as an errors and omission policy.

Commercial General Liability

The second element to standard nursing home insurance coverage is commercial general insurance. This type of policy protects the organization in the event of bodily injury or property damage that is not related to on-site medical care. For instance, if a child runs through the halls, slips and falls, the general liability policy would cover any resulting lawsuit.

Professional and commercial general liabilities are the basic elements of nursing home insurance coverage. Together the coverage serves to protect the organization from all sides. Both will likely have aggregate and per claim limitations, but they are frequently enough to provide a quality safeguard for the nursing home or organization.

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