The Benefits of Getting a Customized Professional Liability Policy


Professional liability, sometimes called errors and omissions, protects businesses from getting sued due to a client getting harmed after using their advice or a service they provided. These policies vary from architects, real estate agents, and attorneys professional liability insurance, along with many others. Getting a customized policy means that the limits will fit your needs, the coverage will be specific and there will be options for your business.


The limits of a professional liability insurance policy normally dictate how much will be paid to you, the claimant. Certain businesses need a higher limit in order to ensure that none of the risk will fall on them. The errors and omissions designed for attorneys often has a limit up to $50 million.


Attorneys, for example, have much different risks than an accountant. A customized policy will be able to specifically cover whatever the business needs most. Going back to an attorneys professional liability insurance policy, it may provide SEC coverage, automatic acquisitions coverage, and innocent insured coverage.


Finally, a customized policy will give you the options that you want to see. This could include higher limits, first dollar defense, risk management, and looking at specific exposures.

Talk to a Professional

If you are interested in getting a customized policy, make sure to talk to a professional. They will be able to get you an attorneys professional liability insurance policy, or any type of policy that you need. Cover all of your bases by getting a customized policy.

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