Recovery from Flood Damage in New Jersey

D&G Sayles Insurance

Having a home or business damaged from an unexpected flood can take an emotional toll on those who own, live or work in those areas. Damage to the building itself and possessions compromised from water damage are just some causes …Continue reading →

How to Fill out General Liability Forms

acord 126

When you are filling out forms for commercial general liability insurance, you will most likely encounter the ACORD 126. This form provides business owners protection from a large range of different liability exposures. Here is what you need to know. …Continue reading →

Outsourcing HR for Business Efficiency

peo insurance

A professional employer organization or PEO is a company that allows a business to outsource aspects of its HR department. Depending upon the company, a PEO can tackle all the HR needs of a business or simply some areas like …Continue reading →

Multinational Businesses and Stock Policy

stock throughput

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, more businesses will expand operations abroad. Business owners now have access to marketplaces around the globe that are willing to purchase goods and services. The internet has opened unlimited channels of distribution, and this …Continue reading →

Extensive Rides as a Truck Driver

how many hours can a truck driver drive a week

Truck drivers perform a job that the majority of people would be unable to complete. This is because they are responsible for working incredibly long hours and hardly ever get to see family and friends. Without truck drivers, the economy …Continue reading →

Understanding Specialty Markets

specialty markets insurance

When individuals think of specialty markets insurance, they often think of a sector that involves a multi-dimensional exchange. Depending on your insurance needs, specialists may be able to assist you with high-risk, products, surpluses, and niche market policies. Since specialty …Continue reading →

Errors and Omissions For Professionals

mpl insurance

If you are a service provider that deals with critical information like client health or financial records, professional insurance is must have for your company. In spite of your best efforts and extreme care with information, things can happen that …Continue reading →

Insurance for Claims of Wrongful Acts

directors and officers insurance v professional indemnity

A business, no matter the size, works with clients to provide services, products, etc. By running a business, however, this can open you up to problems involving legal claims, attorney fees and more. Even if your employees are properly trained …Continue reading →

Why Do Businesses Prefer Hiring Bonded and Insured Cleaning Companies?

insurance and bonding for cleaning company

Many businesses use the services of a cleaning company to keep their offices clean and tidy. However, those same business owners also want the cleaning company to be bonded and insured. When you have insurance and bonding for a cleaning …Continue reading →

Insurance Recommendations for Live Concerts

concert insurance

Obtaining special event insurance is always a good idea because when you get a lot of people together in one concentrated area there‚Äôs always a chance that something could go awry. Obtaining concert insurance is an even better idea because …Continue reading →

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