Finding The Right Insurance Agency For Your Business


Searching for business insurance can be somewhat of a challenge for new business owners. Given how important it is to have the right coverage with the right agency, here are some key points to consider when undertaking your search. Finding …Continue reading →

Why Is Professional Liability Insurance Important?

Moody Insurance

Organizations and companies alike vest a lot of decision-making power and autonomy in their executive officers, but many people who are new to running a formally structured entity like a corporation or non-profit overlook insurance that provides for the liability …Continue reading →

Employees Pose Significant Risks to Financial Institutions

Blanket bond

Blanket bond insurance covers specific risks facing financial institutions. Employees pose a significant threat since they have access to account information, money, and personal identification information. The most common risks include forgery, fraud and theft. Forgery Money orders, checks, drafts, …Continue reading →

Insuring a Luxury Home


Insuring a Luxury Home If you are in the market for homeowners insurance, you might be surprised at how many options you have. The advisors at iSure recommend that your insurance policy be comprehensive to the needs of your home. …Continue reading →

Three Ways to Save Money on Boat Ownership

Boat Ownership

Owning a boat makes tons of sense if you live near water and cannot wait to feel the wind in your hair and the water on your face. However, the cost of boat ownership can be steep for some. Here …Continue reading →

What Does a CPP Cover?

Commercial package policy

Small business owners often just need basic insurance coverage. Larger businesses, particularly those that operate in industries with specific risks, need more specified coverage. Commercial package policy insurance offers the same basic policies as a BOP as well as policies …Continue reading →

Risks in Financial Institutions


Financial institutions carry a lot of risks. Consequently, insurance options that cater to financial institutions are crucial. Financial institution bond coverage provides insurance to financial institutions for employee dishonesty, robbery, forgery and other crimes that may occur at the hands …Continue reading →

Understanding Financial Institution Risks


If you run a financial institution, then you already know that there is some risk involved. You have different risks that other companies may not face. Due to the risks, you need to invest in insurance policies that specifically address …Continue reading →

Three Key Insurance Coverage For Manufacturers

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The amount of risks associated with the manufacturing industry is unlike most others. As you search for manufacturers insurance coverage, here are three key options that you should expect to include in your policy to guard against these risks. General …Continue reading →

Specialized Insurance Protects Your Business From Various Crimes

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As a business owner, you are probably familiar with the coverage areas provided by a general insurance plan. While these plans include crime, they usually target specific property and possessions or only protect against certain crimes. To guarantee a wider …Continue reading →

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