What Is Wedding Insurance?

Wedding Insurance

Planning a wedding is expensive. When you plan your big day, you hope that nothing will go wrong. No one wants to think that their wedding won’t go according to plan. However, even if you make the best plans, mishaps …Continue reading →

How Alternative Insurance Structures Can Benefit Your Business

Business Insurance

In recent years, many companies have been exploring alternatives to traditional insurance plans. Instead of opting for a package from a standard commercial organization, companies of all sizes are selecting rental captives. This structure is quite similar to the traditional …Continue reading →

How To Find Your Target Audience

Target Audience

Targeting a specific demographic is one of the keys to any successful marketing activities. You want your information to be noticed by the people who are most interested in buying it. With the technology available now, it’s become much easier …Continue reading →

Protect Your Home With Ample Coverage

Ample Coverage

Taking out the right policy of insurance for your home can be a complicated endeavor for some. If you took out a policy when first purchasing your home and never really looked over the fine print, you could be in …Continue reading →

Business Insurance for Garages and Mechanics

Garages and Mechanics

Finding the right insurance for your business is an ongoing process, because your needs change with a combination of your company size, structure, and industry. As a result, mechanics and the garages that hire them need to be prepared to …Continue reading →

Insurance for Legal Grow Houses

Legal Grow Houses

As the cannabis industry becomes established in more states, startups are finding themselves afforded a tremendous opportunity to move from a quiet but illegal cottage industry to a licensed, above-board commercial operation. Often, these new businesses start in an entrepreneur’s …Continue reading →

How to Use Agent Lists for Your Insurance Leads


To market your insurance successfully, you need to be able to form partnerships. Agent directors can help you to pinpoint independent insurance agents that may help you expand into new markets. Mapping Programs Nowadays, most people use a mobile device …Continue reading →

Identifying and Managing Hazards in the Oil and Gas Industry

Managing Hazards

Many jurisdictions throughout the United States regard commercial activities involving the production, storage, transport, or sale of certain materials such as oil or gas to be ultrahazardous. Legally, this means that the companies and individuals engaged in these activities must …Continue reading →

3 Key Benefits of Self Insured Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation

A self insured workers compensation plan involves setting aside funds to take on workers’ financial burdens in case of a workplace injury or illness instead of relying on a third-party insurance company. The claims are paid out of pocket, providing …Continue reading →

Proper Insurance for Personal Watercraft

Personal Watercraft

Does your business deal in renting out personal watercraft? If so, then you definitely need to take time to think about your current insurance plan. There are many specific risks associated with the field of PWC rental. In order for …Continue reading →

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