Business Insurance for Garages and Mechanics

Garages and Mechanics

Finding the right insurance for your business is an ongoing process, because your needs change with a combination of your company size, structure, and industry. As a result, mechanics and the garages that hire them need to be prepared to cover the unique liabilities that come when your business is built around repairing vehicles for others. When an existing auto dealership or parts store expands to offer maintenance or repair for the first time, this often means learning the ins and outs of car mechanic E&O, a unique form of professional liability coverage just for mechanics and technicians.

Protection From Preventable Lapses in Workmanship

Errors and omissions insurance generally covers liabilities caused by errors in the work, skipped steps, or bad faith attempts to go through the motions by subordinates working under a professional. In the case of auto mechanics, the coverage provides for third-party liability stemming from a failed part or substandard repair. Often, these issues pop up without warning because of a minor oversight during a post-repair inspection or because of ancillary wear to a part that is not replaced, but should have been. Such preventable mishaps are unfortunate but unavoidable from time to time, and the right insurance package is the key to protecting your business and making things right with customers.

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