Carefully Crafting a VRP

VRP Inclusions

Even though you carry the required insurance and take the necessary precautions, the U.S. Coast Guard will require that you complete your USCG-approved Vessel Response Plans (VRP) in order to be fully prepared before letting your sea-worthy vessel take to the open water. If you are asking “why is an environmental contingency plan important?”, take a moment and think back to the Deep Water Horizon spill.

VRP Inclusions

The damage from the oil spill may have been cleaned up, but the long-term damage was done to the company’s reputation, the environment, and the social mindset. With each incident, there is more pressure by governments and watchdog agencies to establish additional precautions and regulations to prevent disasters. If you are the company responsible for an environmental hazard such as an oil spill, you need every tool in the book to resolves the situation as quickly as you can. According to the information found at, your VRP needs several crucial components.

  • Identifying vessel and operator information
  • Master contact list for spill response coordinators
  • Both statutory and internal notification procedures
  • Response activities for shore-based staff
  • Onboard spill mitigation procedures
  • Training and exercise routines

The right preparation could help keep another Deep Water spill from occurring with ocean vessels. Having a written plan, such as the VRP, makes it easier for everyone to be on the same page with cleanup and remediation.