Nursing Home Insurance

Get the Best Deal on Nursing Home Insurance


If you have a nursing home, then it is important to invest in the right insurance. There are a variety of coverage options including property, liability, and auto. To get the best deal on nursing home insurance cost, use these …Continue reading →

Basic Elements of Nursing Home Insurance


Before signing a contract with an agency, it is important to know the different elements of nursing home insurance coverage. For most insurance companies, this is considered a small, but valuable niche market. What does a typical policy include? Policies …Continue reading →

3 Types of Nursing Home Insurance Coverage That are Essential to Have


Nursing homes provide essential services to the aging population, and it is important to protect these facilities from potentially harmful claims. There are several forms of nursing home insurance coverage, and they are capable of protecting a facility’s workforce and …Continue reading →

What Types of Coverage Do Nursing Homes Need?

Cost of Nursing Home Insurance

Assisted living facilities have multiple factors and situations to consider when selecting insurance policies and coverage. Unfortunately, they also incur more risk than most businesses, which can make the cost of nursing home insurance too expensive for most insurance companies. …Continue reading →