Changes to Nursing Home Visitation During COVID


When COVID-19 made its way into the United States, nursing homes were especially vulnerable since the virus affected the elderly disproportionately. As the virus has changed and mutated over the last two years, regulations and recommendations have changed as well, making the situation confusing at times.

Early COVID-19 Restrictions

In the early stages of the pandemic, nursing home residents were not allowed to have any visitors. Staff wore personal protective equipment and patients ate meals in their rooms. The restrictions on nursing visitation during covid took its toll on both residents and their loved ones. 

To bring cheer to elderly relatives, family members sometimes stood outside waving and holding banners. Some residents even became familiar with electronics and connected with family using Zoom or Facetime.

Revised Recommendations

The virus has not yet been defeated, but the less powerful strains have led to some positive changes in nursing home visitation rules.

Public health emergency protocol has been eliminated. While residents are allowed to have visitors, nursing homes are required to screen visitors. Those who have recently tested positive for COVID-19 or have symptoms are required to stay home until they are well. Visitors should still wear masks during their visit.

Everyone is hoping to see an end to the pandemic in the near future. The revised protocols are a step in the right direction.

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