Common Concerns and Virginia Daycare Insurance

Common Concerns and Virginia Daycare Insurance

Daycare centers have quite a few risks to consider in the care and custody of young children. Virginia daycare insurance is required for anyone operating a business where the care and welfare of youngsters is a concern and there are a few primary coverages required to legally operate a business of this type.

Licenses and permits


Licenses for running daycare centers are regulated at the state level. Requirements and licensing policies vary from state to state and many are highly specialized (depending on where owners and operators live, they may have to have age-specific licenses for the children being served. Be diligent about securing the licenses because without following proper procedures it will be difficult, if not impossible, to secure liability insurance for a daycare center.


Staffing issues and concerns


Most states require daycare center staff members that have at least some specialized training. Many states also limit the ratio of children to staff members, and as with many licensing requirements, staffing guidelines are a key component that insurance companies analyze when writing coverage policies for daycare centers.


Building safety is a major concern


The buildings generally must have specific safety features, which can range from covers for electrical outlets to bolsters for furniture to non-toxic building and decorating materials and owners may also be required to purchase furniture designed for the age group that they’re planning to serve.


Health policies


Preventing the spread of sickness in daycare centers is a key risk management consideration and anyone who plans to run a daycare center should have policies in place for when parents should keep their children at home. Instructors should handle illness or injury properly, and instructors must make keeping the daycare facility clean one of their priorities.


Crisis management


Owners of child daycare centers should establish a plan for managing various crisis situations, including fires, floods, and power failures. Educating staff about these plans will help ensure that damage is minimized in the event of a crisis.


Whether running a daycare center as a for-profit or not-for-profit enterprise, protect the business by investing in appropriate business insurance policies. Typically, daycare center owners can expect to buy Virginia daycare insurance for general liability concerns, as well as professional liability (Errors & Omissions Insurance), and specialized abuse coverage that protects owners and their staff against allegations of mistreating the children being cared for.


Finally, property insurance will provide protection for the business premises and also the toys, tools, and equipment used during the course of the job.


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