Common Homeowner Rights Used Against HOAs

Homeowner Rights

The homeowners association should work for the members; however, many members don’t know their homeowners’ rights against HOA entities. The HOA should never be dictatorial. These are a few of the rights every member has.

Rule Creation

As seen on, an HOA must provide notice before implementing new rules. They cannot simply change things without notice. In fact, the HOA must follow the guidelines in the policies and procedures manual before changing or creating any rules. Members should be well-versed in the contract with the HOA.

Member Discrimination

Discrimination against anyone is frowned upon. HOAs are no exception to this. As a business, they must not discriminate based on sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, gender, etc. Some HOAs have discriminated against current homeowners and even barred others from buying a house, but that violates federally-protected rights.

Inappropriate Fines

One way to know if the HOA hit you with some unknown fee or hidden fine is by knowing the PP&M for the HOA. If it is not clearly spelled out in the documentation, the HOA may have violated your rights.

These are a few basic homeowner’s rights against HOA entities. The law provides some protection to homeowners. Simply because the HOA acts have some government-like powers does not mean they can push homeowners around.

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