Cover Exposures With D&O Liability Insurance for Non Profits


In order to accomplish their mission and do the work they set out to do, non profit companies require both financial and managerial stability. Directors and Officers for non profit companies helps to give leaders the freedom to make decisions and act without the fear of severe financial loss through lawsuits that claim wrongful acts or negligence. To continue to operate and make a difference, sufficient coverage may be key. D&O may be an important part of a non profit company’s insurance portfolio.

D&O Benefits

D&O liability offers protection for both public benefit non profits, such as religious organizations and academic institutions, and mutual benefit organizations, such as credit unions, trade associations and athletic clubs. A comprehensive policy may be tailored to fit a company’s needs. Coverage may include:

  • Full entity protection
  • Employment practices coverage
  • Duty to defend
  • Defense expenses outside limit of liability
  • Prior acts

Encourage Participation

The threat of personal financial loss may be a deterrent to attracting competent leadership to a non profit organization. Unfortunately, claims that are found to be false may still sap assets from the company and its officers in legal fees. D&O may offer significant security against threats of claims of wrongful termination, discrimination based on sex, race or age, failure to deliver, and other potential exposures. Directors and Officers for non profit companies allows business to continue in the face of possible disruption from claims of error.

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