Coverage Available Through Employment Agency Insurance


Employment agencies are so beneficial to the community. They enable others to find work, either temporarily or permanently, which improves the morale and the economic standing of many cities. As an employment agency owner, it is important that you have proper insurance coverage for your business, your employees, and your clients so that you can remain successful. There are different types of coverage available when you come up with an employment agency insurance policy, with a few of the following as some of your options:


  • Property Insurance – This type of coverage protects your company against damage that was done to your assets, such as computer break downs, fire, vandalism, and theft. This allows you the financial compensation you need to cover the costs of repairing or rebuilding after such an incident.
  • Abusive Acts Liability – This type of coverage protects your company financially if there is an allegation by an employee of any type of abuse. This could include mental anguish, emotional distress, physical abuse, and any other recognized form of abuse.
  • Owned Auto Liability – This is a policy that covers any of the vehicles that your company owns. Whether you drive them on a regular basis, or just for important or special occasions, this will ensure that you don’t go out of business if the car is involved in an accident.


As an employment agency, it is important that you have proper coverage. Speaking to an insurance agent can help you to determine what employment agency insurance coverage you should include in your policy.

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