What Dentists Medical Liability Insurance Can Mean For You



Dentists Medical Liability Insurance

Dentists Medical Liability Insurance

The number of lawsuits against dentists and other medical professionals has skyrocketed in recent years. Being sued over a dental liability can put dentists at risk for great professional and personal loss and it can destroy one’s potential for future income. Dentists can protect themselves from financial ruin by investing in Dentists Medical Liability Insurance.


What Is Covered?

Liability insurance plans generally cover claims of bodily injury or property damage that occur at a dentist’s worksite. Liability insurance only covers the work that dentists can legally perform in his or her state. This form of insurance can potentially cover treatments that have been performed and treatments that should have been provided to patients by both the dentist and the dentist’s employees.


What to Look For In A Liability Insurance Plan

Dentists should look for a liability insurance plan that will provide them with optimal coverage for their specific needs. Choose an insurance planthat will:

  • Cover attorney fees and other defense costs
  • Provide reimbursement is there are licensing board issues
  • Pay court costs and settlement issues
  • Offer dentists with pure consent to settle
  • Offer dentists with free tail coverage during retirement
  • Provide dentists with a variety of coverage options to meet their unique needs


To learn more about what Dentists Medical Liability Insurance can mean for you, contact a professional insurance agent online or near you today.

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