Different Types of Miami Insurance Coverages for Businesses


As a business owner, being able to properly insure your business and business processes is essential to your business success. Here are 3 types of Miami insurance coverage that you might need depending on what industry you are in and your specific business needs.

  1. Builders Risk – As a contractor or developer in the construction industry, you know that a lot can happen when you are working on a project. Builders risk protects your personnel as well as your project in the event of damage or injury.
  2. Cyber & Data Breach Liability – With so much of your personal and professional life contained online and on company networks, one of the major things that you want to protect yourself from is a cyber or data breach. This type of insurance coverage protects your sensitive and confidential data in the event of a loss or breach.
  3. Employment Practices Liability – You might feel that you are doing everything right as an employer. You provide your employees with their annual performance reviews. You try to hire the right people. You basically try to do right by your employees, but sometimes, people misconstrue your actions and file suits against honest employers. Employment practices liability coverage protects you from these types of situations.

When you are looking for a Miami insurance policy that fits your business practices and needs perfectly, work with a qualified agency that can help you determine what those needs are and the products that can best serve them.

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