Directors and Officers Insurance Designed Specifically for Educators


When it comes to covering all of the potential risks and liabilities that come with managing an educational institution, the list of tasks may seem overwhelming and nearly endless. However, educators and education administrators who invest in high quality and comprehensive insurance coverage can rest assured that their liabilities are taken care of. One key component of any educator’s professional insurance package is Directors and Officers for educators.

What Is D&O for Educators?

This specific variety of insurance is so valuable to educators because it can help to protect them from being personally financially responsible for mistakes made in their professional capacity. An educator or education administrator’s error can lead to a suit and a costly claims process. With the right Directors and Officers insurance, the financial responsibility for these costs can be removed from the educator or school. Given the often limited resources schools have to work with, this kind of protection can make all the difference in the world.

Having Educators’ Backs

Whatever role a given educator plays in their institution, whether they teach kindergarten, have more administrative duties or specialize in a different aspect of education, it is important that they be insured against potential claims. Suits leveled against schools and educators can otherwise have a devastating effect. With proper, comprehensive Directors and Officers for educators, these individuals and institutions can focus on their own work rather than worrying about potentially costly claims.

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