Do You Have Protection Against Employment Liability Claims?


If you own a business that has employees other than yourself, you need employment practices liability insurance or EPLI insurance. This policy is essential for protecting your business against potentially damaging and costly claims.

How This Insurance Helps Your Business

Employees of a company are the individuals that file EPLI claims. These claims allege wrongdoing on the part of the employer that may be in the form of business practices or acts against the employees. The insurance company Axis lists the following as typical reasons that EPLI claims are filed:

Sexual harassment
Wrongful termination
Hostile environment to work in
Discrimination against race, sex, religion or disability
Failure to promote
Employment contract violation

This policy can cover your legal fees as a result of a lawsuit, including any settlements or court judgments. However, to avoid these claims altogether it is best to help your employees and managers understand the rules, regulations and accepted behaviors of your business so you can minimize potential problems. That being said, some problems may arise that are out of your control, in which case this insurance can protect your company.

Protecting Your Business Against These Claims

If an employee files a claim suggesting their legal rights have been violated, it can do irreparable damage to your company. That is why you need EPLI insurance so you can be protected in these instances.

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