Does Car Insurance Cover Flooding?


Flooding can not only find its way into your home, but your automobile as well. Unlike home insurance, certain types of auto insurance in Chicopee will take care of your car if it were ever to flood. If you live near a body of water or an area that gets a lot of rain, you might want to look over your auto insurance policy to make sure you have the coverage necessary to handle your flood-damaged car.

Auto insurance ChicopeeComprehensive Coverage

 As long as you’ve included comprehensive coverage on your automobile policy, you’ll be taken care of if your car were to flood from a hurricane, thunderstorm or any other type of water-related disaster. What a lot of motorists do is remove comprehensive coverage from their auto insurance in Chicopee in order to keep the cost of their policy down. The same applies to other types of useful coverage, such as towing, rental and collision. While taking off such coverage might save you some money, you might wind up spending it anyway if you your car were to need towing or if you ever needed to rent a car. Drivers with older cars feel that it’s not worth it to have collision and comprehensive coverage since they’d rather replace the vehicle entirely rather than pay for expensive repairs.

 In order to avoid having to pay for flood damage to your car, you’ll need to lower your comprehensive coverage deductible, but bear in mind that doing so will cause your insurance premiums to be higher.

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