Educators’ Performance Receiving Failing Grades


Changes in educational policies have made the instructor’s job more ambiguous. The rise in standardized testing has caused conflict between schools and students. Many of these tests are not required and some students refuse to take them; however, the educator is liable for the student’s lack of preparation for graduation or advancement. Teachers are spending an increasing amount of their time navigating shifts in legal policies, changes in curricula and classroom standards. This leaves both educational institutions and instructors exposed to liability risks, and Directors and Officers insurance for Educators has become more crucial as a means of protection.

Instructors Deemed Responsible For Results

GED exams have become more difficult in recent years, resulting in a high failure rate; the GED Testing Service has reported a staggering 90% decline in passing scores in 2014. As this exam is a traditional gateway to employment, the decline pass rate has caused alarm among state regulators and the public. The reasons for this drop are complex but the main cause is that the test is harder than it used to be; nonetheless, instructors will bear the brunt of the blame for failure to properly train and prepare test takers.

Directors and Officers for Educators protects against monetary loss as well as seizure of personal assets. In today’s more complex world of education, it is more important than ever before to be shielded from risks associated with an educator’s responsibilities towards students and the public.

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