The Endless To-Do List When Starting a Bakery

bakery worker comp

bakery worker comp

You know you are ready for this. You have your menu dialed in to mouthwatering perfection; you have the funding in place; the ideal location is located and secured; your marketing plan is fine-tuned; you are ready to start your bakery. With so much to think about, though, don’t give short shrift to the critical business elements beyond the food. From building and fire code compliance, safety training and insurance coverage such as liability, comprehensive, bakery worker comp, and more, as well as getting all the equipment and inventory in top shape, you will have to dot every i and cross each t before the doors even open for day one.


Safety First


With all to think about in a new bakery business, from training employees on all the vital tasks, to having all the equipment in peak condition, to complying with government requirements and more, you need to know that your risks are covered as much as possible. When you have found the bakery worker comp insurance coverage that is right for your size of company and number of employees, you have an ally in the risk management field. Working with your insurance representative, implement the best ways to reduce liability and avoid potential injury risks. With a thorough safety program, from initial training to regular reminders, with proper safety gear on all equipment and all workers trained in correct practices, everyone will have better odds of avoiding injury and problems. With one less big worry to think about on your to-do list, you are ready to do this.


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