Ensure That Your CAAs Are Insured


Community Action Agencies work diligently to serve the communities around them. However, there are certain risks associated with offering non-profit services. If you’re seeking comprehensive coverage for your agency’s programs and facilities, a good place to start is with general liability.


What Does General Liability Cover?


Every CAA is unique, as are its specific insurance needs. It’s important to find a good underwriter who can help you tailor your plan for your agency. General liability typically covers costs associated with injuries, death, and property damage.


Certain general liability policies also cover professional liability. In providing their services, Community Action Agencies, along with employees and volunteers, are often exposed to delicate situations. Should anything happen while workers are executing their duties, accusations may arise. This type of coverage can protect your paid and non-paid staff in cases of alleged negligence or fault.


Non-profit service agencies tend to serve a large population of vulnerable individuals. If your organization reaches out to children and families, the disabled, or the elderly, the risk of claims involving abuse is higher for you. Abuse and molestation liability is another component of general liability that can prove extremely beneficial in case of any lawsuits.


Prepared and Protected


In the vast majority of cases, those who work for Community Action Agencies, as well as those who receive their services, have the best of intentions. However, incidents do occur. With the proper coverage, you can prepare and protect your CAAs if the need should ever arise.

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