E&O Coverage To Suit the Media Industry

E&O Coverage

Errors and omissions coverage is one of the most common forms of business insurance. It’s carried by almost as wide a range of businesses as general liability insurance, because like general liability coverage it takes care of basic avenues of exposure and hedges against largely predictable but rare risks in the industry. The difference is that your E&O coverage is protection against liability related to errors on the part of your business or its representatives and omissions of vital information to the client. As a result, it varies a lot according to your business model, niche, and industry. That means you need to find tailored E&O coverage for media companies to be sure you are protected, rather than relying on a general insurer without a lot of experience with media businesses.

Protection for Journalists, PR Professionals, and Broadcasters

Both digital and legacy media companies experience similar avenues of risk, even if the specifics are slightly different from one company to the next. It’s to your benefit to work with insurers who have spent the time to really know these business models and to understand exactly what risks you face. That way, you know you’re getting all the coverage you need to keep your company safe from mistakes and bad faith actions undertaken by employees when they affect the customer.

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