Essential Nature of Real Estate Professional Liability Insurance


If you are new to real estate or have been in the industry for some amount of time, the exposures you encounter every day make you a prime target for lawsuits. Over the past two decades, your chances of being sued have risen dramatically.

That is why choosing a real estate professional liability insurance program that meets the needs and budget of your firm is essential. It helps ease the burden by responding to, defending and alleviating the monetary risks for the claims brought against you.

Coverage Advantages of Liability Insurance

If you sustain a standard of excellence in your business operations, you may feel that the extra cost of professional liability insurance is not worth the expense. Service providers are often blindsided by lawsuits that can bankrupt them or their company. However, the benefits of real estate professional liability insurance outweigh the costs of the policy, such as:

  • Customized endorsements to meet your unique coverage needs
  • Punitive and exemplary damage coverage
  • Severability of fraud and criminal acts exclusion for all individual insureds
  • Automatic coverage for newly created or acquired subsidiaries

Even if you are not held responsible, the opportunities taken away from your business, funds used for defense and mounting stress of managing the situation can prove to be encumbering.

Get Covered Today

Competitive terms and conditions are available for real estate professional liability insurance. The coverage is fully customizable to meet all of your business needs and is a worthwhile investment.

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