Extensive Rides as a Truck Driver

how many hours can a truck driver drive a week

Truck drivers perform a job that the majority of people would be unable to complete. This is because they are responsible for working incredibly long hours and hardly ever get to see family and friends. Without truck drivers, the economy would come to a screeching halt reasonably quickly. If you have been inquiring about truck driving positions, you likely have asked how many hours can a truck driver drive a week. A common question for an industry that is slowly seeing its workforce being taken over by autonomous fleets. With this said, the total number of hours truck drivers can work equates to sixty hours across the board. Also, they are required to have at least ten hours off work when a new period begins.

Exceptions and Penalties

When asking how many hours can truck driver drive a week, you probably assumed that there are exceptions. In some cases, there are when it comes to the amount that truck drivers can drive per day. If a driver is beginning and ending at the same location for one assignment, they are allowed to work a total of sixteen hours for that particular day. According to the law, this exception can only be claimed once per period.
Any driver that does not adhere to these rules faces steep penalties. They may not be able to drive until they rest or they can receive fines from either the state or federal government.

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