Finding the Best Employment Practices Liability Coverage


The smart business owner is diligent in finding the best liability coverage to protect their investment and their employees from harm and lawsuits. Sometimes, however, employees are the ones who file claims against the company.

What Type of Insurance Protects Against Employee Claims?

Employment practices liability insurance is a must for companies these days. Laws regarding hiring, promoting and terminating employees are evolving so it’s imperative to stay current on the changes. EPL insurance protects against many different employee claims, including:

  • Discrimination – Age, gender, race and ethnicity must not factor into employee performance decisions.
  • Harassment – The most common form is sexual harassment, but it can apply to any behavior that makes an employee feel uncomfortable or threatened.
  • Failure to Hire – The Americans with Disabilities Act forbids an employer from failing to hire a candidate with certain disabilities. It’s important to discuss these circumstances with your attorney.
  • Breach of Contract – Most companies require new hires to sign a contract regarding proper conduct and company benefits. If the employer breaches that contract, they may be sued.
  • Wrongful Termination – If an employee feels they have been fired because of an unfair situation, they may seek legal action.

Protect your company from unwanted litigation with a comprehensive employment practices liability plan.



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