Fine Dining Insurance that Covers Your Business

Fine Dining Insurance that Covers Your Business

Restaurants face unusual risks. There’s always the threat of a customer getting sick or slipping on a wet floor, but just recently two restaurants in Chicago were sued by the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) for playing copyrighted music in their establishment. One of the restaurants is facing up to $150,000 in damages, for something totally unrelated to food. Having the right fine dining insurance is essential to your everyday business operations to cover your risks that occur in your industry.

Starbucks was sued for a hot coffee spill, and although they were not held liable, that did not eliminate their need to pay for their legal defense. If your business is sued, you will have to hire attorneys and pay for administrative costs associated with the defense. It takes your focus away from your business. Having the insurance that meets your needs covers these fees and helps you stay open during a trying time.

When you work with your insurance agent to put together a portfolio of fine dining insurance that meets your needs, you can have peace of mind that your finances are protected. Your agent keeps up with the industry so that you can avoid a lawsuit, which helps keep your insurance costs lower. Instead of waiting for a customer to sue, be proactive and decrease your risk by knowing where the risks are.

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