Home Insurance Protects the Whole Package

Home Insurance Protects the Whole Package

Your house is much more than the four walls around it; it’s the place where you keep all your favorite things. New Jersey home insurance companies can help you protect everything that is inside and out. Here’s a look at what basic home owner’s coverage includes.

  1. Structure – If your house is damaged or destroyed due to fire or harsh weather such as hail, lightning or a hurricane, the policy can cover the cost of repairs. Basic coverage rarely includes flooding or earthquakes.
  2. Belongings – Insurance policies usually also cover items inside of your home like furnishings, equipment and clothing. The amount is usually between 50 to 70 percent of the structure coverage, so if your home’s is for $200,000, you could receive up to $140,000 for lost items.
  3. Landscaping – Tree, plants and shrubs can also be covered under a standard policy. They could be replaced if they were damaged due to a fire, theft or vandalism.
  4. Liability – This covers lawsuits that may be filed against you for bodily injury or property damage done by you or your pets. It also covers family members if they damage someone else’s property.

New Jersey home insurance companies can offer coverage that will protect your house and your belongings. A home owner’s insurance policy covers the basics that will help you to rebuild or make repairs if there is damage of theft.

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