How Liability Insurance Protects Your Company From Slander and Libel


Competition in business can bring out the worst in some individuals. Protect your business from legal costs associated with slander and libel by getting a solid general liability insurance in Illinois. Slander results from false oral statements or allegations that hurt another person’s reputation. Libel involves false written statements that damage some other entity’s reputation. General liability insurance protects your company and helps to cover legal costs if you are guilty of or even accused of slander and libel. Importantly, this insurance covers you in cases that do not result from professional services that you company gives.

How Am I Covered in Cases of Slander and Libel?

When you or someone in your company are accused of libel or slander, general liability insurance in Illinois will help to cover many of the legal costs that include hiring legal representation that will help defend you throughout the legal process. As these cases can be complicated and drawn out, the legal fees associated with such cases can bankrupt a company if you are not prepared. Especially if you have a large competitor, a libel suit can be designed to drain the capital of your company. Investment in good general liability insurance for your business helps you meet this risk head-on and be prepared.

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