How to Avoid Construction Management Risks

How to Avoid Construction Management Risks

The expansive and various duties involved in construction management present many opportunities for liability. As a construction manager, you need to have a construction risk management plan that will guide you in your projects in order to prevent claims.

Be Clear

There is no standard set of duties a client can expect when it comes to construction management, so be clear about what services you offer. You also need to clearly define all terminology in your contract, correspondence, and conversations.

Be Selective

Select your clients carefully. Avoid those with a history of litigations or with projects that present many problems. Also be careful with those you hire. Stick with professionals who have great expertise in their specific areas. As for your role, only do that which you are qualified for and assigned to do, because going beyond your scope can create liability risk.

Be Thorough

Create a solid contract that thoroughly outlines the responsibilities and risks of each team member, and don’t assume any risks you cannot control and insure. Review your insurance policy to make sure you are properly covered. Finally, acquire any local licensing you need for the project before beginning.

Be Wise

There are numerous other ways you can face liability that cannot all be addressed in your construction risk management plan. The smartest and safest thing to do is strictly adhere to your role and avoid tasks that present risks whenever possible.

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