How to Fill out General Liability Forms

acord 126

When you are filling out forms for commercial general liability insurance, you will most likely encounter the ACORD 126. This form provides business owners protection from a large range of different liability exposures. Here is what you need to know.

Exposures Covered

The exposures covered by this form include the following liabilities:

Accidents due to operations
Accidents due to premises
Accidents due to products sold
Contractual liability

These are crucial coverages for all businesses, no matter the size or industry.

Filling Out the Form

The form is relatively easy to fill out once you have the necessary information. These forms are designed to make the process easier. You will need the following types of information to proceed with the form:

Identification information
Coverage information
Limits information
Schedule of hazards information
Claims information
Employee benefits liability information
Contractors information
Products and operations information
Additional information and certificates information

When it comes to filling out these forms, as long as you have the proper information, the setup is simple.
If you’re filling out forms for commercial general liability insurance, then odds are you are going to use the ACORD 126. This form’s design makes it easier to fill out the paperwork associated with your insurance. When you invest in insurance, you need protection for different exposures.

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