How to Recover from Data Loss


In the age of growing e-commerce, businesses large and small are utilizing digital infrastructure in their everyday operations. However, as reliance on cyber technology increases, so too does the chance for costly data loss. Your digital information is as valuable as any other business asset; thus, you should protect it as such. Whether the result of a server failure, security breach or natural catastrophe, data loss insurance can help your business pay for the costly recovery of your lost data.

What is Data Loss Recovery?

Anytime you store information electronically, it is vulnerable to breaches and computer failure. When this happens, you can irrevocably lose all stored data. Recovering this data requires extensive information gathering, including all of your employee and client information, which costs time and money. Data loss insurance will cover the loss of productivity during this time, as well as help alleviate the expenses of recovering your digital information.

When data has been erased you will need to hire a data recovery service, who can physically extract data from damaged servers and hard drives. These services are not cheap, but they can be a lifeline for victims of data loss. Don’t let your business bear the costs of data recovery alone; apply for data loss coverage before your server crashes.

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