Insurance Coverage Meant For Manufacturers


Employment Practices LiabilityBusinesses in the manufacturing industry have a range of unique insurance needs that are not likely to be met by standard business owners insurance policies.  Instead of setting for a one-size-fits-all BOP, manufacturers are encouraged to look for manufacturers insurance in Orlando.

Your Lines of Coverage

These are just some of the valuable lines of coverage included in manufacturers insurance in Orlando:

  • General liability – This coverage names a specific dollar amount that you’ll be protected for in case of lawsuit or related charges.
  • Loss of income – If natural disaster or other circumstances prevent normal business operations, this coverage will provide you with the income that you’d otherwise be earning.  Under loss of income, you’re covered for up to 120 days, giving you the chance to get back on your feet.
  • Product liability – This liability coverage works in the same way that general liability does and addresses specifically the products and goods created by your organization.  All manufacturers need to have this liability, regardless of whether they produce books, clothing, food products, or household goods.
  • Vehicle coverage – In addition to standard commercial auto insurance and fleet vehicle coverage, you can insure pickup trucks, tow trucks, vans and transport trucks, gooseneck trailers, and other vehicles related to your industry.
  • Workers’ compensation – If an employee is injured or becomes ill on the job, this coverage will help pay for the cost of their medical treatment and lost wages.

Additional lines of coverage may be available to better tailor your manufacturers insurance in Orlando.  To learn more about excess liability and other lines of coverage, speak with an insurance representative.

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