Insurance for Legal Grow Houses

Legal Grow Houses

As the cannabis industry becomes established in more states, startups are finding themselves afforded a tremendous opportunity to move from a quiet but illegal cottage industry to a licensed, above-board commercial operation. Often, these new businesses start in an entrepreneur’s home or property outbuildings, like many agricultural operations. Now that cannabis is legal and regulated in many markets, grow op house insurance for legal, licensed growers has become available, providing risk management options cannabis growers could not claim before the legal marketplace was established.

Protect Your Company From Crime and Business Disruption

As a cash crop with a high potential for black market sales due to tax rates and lopsided legalization nationally, cannabis can be a high risk business. It’s also a high reward business, though, and insurance for operators with well-designed security protocols can be quite cost-efficient if your insurer understands your industry well enough to tailor a policy to your needs, with no over-insurance and no foreseeable gaps in your coverage. That protects you from common mishaps like employee injuries as well as cannabis-specific risks like product theft or business disruption caused by law enforcement overreach. There’s no better way to make sure you are protected as you negotiate the wild and wonderful opportunities in this new market. Just look for insurers with a track record of customer satisfaction in states with older markets to find the key players in today’s industry.

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