Insurance for the Specific Needs of Fraternal Organizations


Fraternal organizations are often brought together based on a common bond and in order to bring about a mutually beneficial goal. These groups may have social, religious, or academic interests. From an insurance standpoint, fraternal organizations represent a large portion of the non-profit community. In response to their specific insurance needs, fraternal insurance policies are designed to provide one solution at an affordable price. Without this insurance protection, the organization might find itself threatened by lawsuits or financially hindered because of natural disasters.


Fraternal organizations often hold charitable events, host community improvement activities, and arrange drives to collect food, clothing, or funds. Blood drives and bingo nights might draw very different crowds, but both have a similar need for insurance. With an all-in-one package, fraternal insurance presents one comprehensive plan that is especially suited to the needs of the organization.


What type of coverage can be expected from fraternal insurance policies? A plan may include general liability, professional liability, and automobile liability. There may be a need for coverage such as property insurance and crime insurance. If the organization plans to hold fundraisers, then blanket fund raising event coverage will be a priority. Accident policies are also common protection for a variety of circumstances. To really benefit from the insurance, a fraternal organization should visit with a professional that has handled this type of coverage before.

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