Is an Umbrella Liability Policy Right for Your Employment Agency?


If you are in the market for staffing agency insurance, you may want to consider purchasing an umbrella policy. There are a multitude of issues that can arise from hiring contract employees, and a comprehensive policy can help your staffing agency avoid them. As the name suggests, umbrella policies are all-encompassing, and shield you from legal expenses on multiple fronts. But what exactly does an umbrella liability policy cover, and how will you know if it will benefit your agency? Here is some essential information about umbrella policies that everyone should know.

What Does an Umbrella Policy Cover?

Umbrella policies protect you from potential legal costs stemming from a contract employee’s actions. These policies cover vehicle and property damage, as well as any other financial loss incurred by businesses on behalf of your employees. Since staffing agencies often purchase multiple policies, looking into an umbrella policy may be a wise choice. This particular type of policy can help save you money by putting everything you need into one package.

Emotional and Financial Benefits of Umbrella Policies

Umbrella policies can greatly simplify your staffing agency insurance issues. There is no need to contact various insurance agencies, or request multiple quotes. Despite your best efforts, there is no way to guarantee that your employees will be on their best behavior at all times. When you purchase an umbrella policy, you will receive a sense of security that is simply priceless.

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