Liability Insurance for Dog Bites


Even the smallest and sweetest of dogs can become aggressive if cornered or put in an uncomfortable environment. Unfortunately, this can result in injuries to another animal or human. If you are sued for damages and do not have dog bite homeowners insurance, you will end up paying out of pocket for injury care and possibly even emotional damage. If you are a dog owner, it is very smart to purchase canine liability insurance.

Benefits of Canine Liability Insurance

There are numerous reasons to get dog bite homeowners insurance. It protects you in the event your dog bites, scratches, or causes other injuries to someone else. Some dog owners think that certain breeds of dogs are exempt from this type of insurance, but many insurance companies cover all dogs, meaning that even dogs that are considered to be dangerous may be eligible. Many landlords and property managers also will not allow dogs unless there is proof of this type of insurance.

With canine liability insurance, you can choose the amount of coverage limit that you want. If you feel that your dog poses a low risk, you may choose a lower limit of $25,000. You can also choose a higher limit of up to $300,000 and then add umbrella coverage for even higher limits. Most policies also do not require a deductible.

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