Who is Liable for a Dog Bite in Florida?


The state of Florida has strict laws for owners of dogs who bite people on their property or in a public place. These are enforced and owners are held accountable even if the attack was unintentional or the dog was provoked. Here is a look at the different types of Florida dog bite liabilities and who is responsible for them.




If uninsured by dog bite insurance, the owner of a dog who acts out on aggressive behavior typically bears the brunt of legal and medical consequences. In Florida, you can be held accountable for your dog’s behavior even if it was an accident. Here are the different types of dog bite claims that can be submitted against you if your dog injures someone.


  • Negligence: Under this claim, you will be responsible for damages if you fail to provide an ordinary level of care. Negligence per se applies if you violate an ordinance that ensures people’s safety.
  • Scienter: This claim recovers damages when a dog has a history of aggressive behavior or attempts to bite and the owner is aware of it.
  • Intentional Tort: This claim applies when the owner intended for the dog to come in contact with the victim.




If your dog bites someone on your premises that is owned by a landlord, he or she can also be held accountable for Florida dog bite liabilities. This usually applies when landlords are aware of a dog’s aggressive behavior or they fail to enforce any “no animals” clauses in a lease.


These are just some of the main liabilities for owners of dogs in Florida who bite people.

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