Navigating Insurance Needs When Starting a Staffing Agency


Staffing agencies play all sorts of critical functions across varying industries. Whatever line of work you’ve been in, you may have seen temporary workers (and long-term workers) placed into vital roles via staffing agencies. According, it mays seem like starting a staffing agency is a reliable business approach.

While a staffing agency can indeed become a thriving and sustainable business, it is important to consider the details before starting. After all, significant changes in the labor market can hit staffing agencies hard, and failure to plan for the future can hurt the prospects of your agency being successful.

What Do You Need To Start a Staffing Agency?

There’s no one rule for starting a staffing agency, but some things are helpful:

  • An understanding of local labor needs
  • Contacts with local companies who will be interested in staff placements
  • A financial understanding of the legalities involved in staffing agencies, particularly employment status

On that last note, it is important to understand your insurance needs and requirements if operating a staffing agency. Depending on the nature of your specific operation, what you are required to carry (and what you might like to carry) can vary. Speaking to an experienced insurer can help you fully insure your new staffing business.

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