Why You Need Commercial Crime Insurance


It’s sad but true: no matter how large or small your business is, you are vulnerable to malicious people who want to commit crimes against you. This is an unfortunate fact of life, and as a responsible business owner, you know that you need to protect yourself as much as possible. While you may not be able to stop all criminal activity, commercial crime insurance will at least provide you with a recourse when it does happen.

The Risks

There are many different possible crimes against businesses, falling into categories that include:

  • Theft
  • Fraud
  • Employee dishonesty
  • Forgery
  • Kidnapping and extortion
  • Counterfeiting

Your insurance coverage can and should provide protection against all of these crimes; the right policy can be a key tool in helping you recover your losses.

Preventative Measures

Just as important as addressing your needs after a crime has occurred, your insurance company should also offer recommendations on ways in which you can lower the risks of criminal activity happening in the first place. After a thorough assessment, they may recommend such measures as additional building security and tighter controls on your technology environment.

No one wants to think about this very unpleasant subject. But the more you do, the better able you will be to provide yourself with the right kind of protection. Your risk management strategy should have commercial crime insurance as one of its fundamental parts.

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