Nightclubs and Sexual Assault Prevention

Sexual Assault Prevention

How safe are you at a nightclub? Recent research shows that incidents of sexual abuse and assault are on the rise in clubs. What is intended as an entertaining night out enjoying social interactions can lead to harassment and assault risks. Owners can take important steps to protect their patrons and their businesses by implementing policies and educating their staff about dangerous situations.

Reduce Nightclub Risk Exposure

Policies and procedures can help with sexual assault prevention. It is important that guidelines be routinely reviewed with staff and revised as business needs evolve.

  • Develop effective policies: Club policies must address how to make substantive changes to ensure safety.
  • Enforce policy requirements: Owners and staff must carry out their roles with immediacy and with clear directives.
  • Communicate with staff: Staff should openly discuss problem areas and ways policies and procedures can be improved.
  • Assess club structure: Club owners can rethink and renovate their floor plans to increase safe access and movement.
  • Remain proactive: Club owners and staff should be alert to what happens in their clubs and react based on the level of threat to an individual or group.

Club owners can seek assistance from specialists who craft policies tailored to their unique needs and who understand the scope of issues related to the hospitality industry.

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