Picking Out A New Employee For Your Brewery

D&G Sayles Insurance

As a brewery owner, having the best staff available to you is something you take very seriously. Think about the things that make for a great employee when you’re sifting through applications the next time there’s a job opening.

They Have Potential For Trainability

Even though formal brewery training is a great bonus, remember that you don’t always need to hire someone with buckets of experience. Sometimes the best candidate in the pool might have zero experience in the industry but is smart and capable, ripe for on-the-job training.

References Speak Highly Of Them

Working as a team and making an impact on people are hugely hireable traits. Follow up with references and be sure that you don’t need to take out a separate insurance policy upon hire — although if you’re curious, D&G Sayles Insurance is a great resource.

They Have a Good Attitude

Sometimes a person’s attitude can be a selling point. If they seem positive and energetic, ready to tackle the day with a can-do attitude then they might make a great addition to your team.

When your business is making craft beer, it can be difficult to find someone who fits into this very niche job. Know what to look for when you’re going through applications to help you find the best candidates.

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