Picture This: What You Need to Know about Your Temporary Staffing Insurance


Regular insurance for agencies that offer temporary staffing solutions for other companies typically just won’t do. Temporary staffing companies need to know full and well what they are insured for in order to figure out where the gaps exist and how to alleviate those problems. A plethora of claims can arise from employees in the atypical business model that temporary staffing agencies use, provoking the requirement for a safety net in the form of specialized insurance. Without insurance that genuinely covers the needs of a temporary staffing agency, one mishap could mean a devastating blow to the company.

Different Kinds of Policies

There are many kinds of policies that insurance providers can offer to companies. Most often companies make use of the commercial general liability policy, which covers accidents that cause bodily injury and property damage. For temporary staffing companies, insurance that specifies a temporary staffing liability are preferred. This type of policy provides insured coverage for claims arising from “wrongful acts” committed by an employee. This can be a very serious matter given the unusual nature of temporary staffing employment.

One method of determining whether you are properly insured is to run scenarios past your insurance agent. Evoke clear pictures of what could potentially happen and explain them to your provider. Knowing what your temporary staffing insurance covers versus what it does not cover makes a significant difference.

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